Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Update~ "Zone Conference, Starting From Scratch and Running Around in the Rain!"


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Dear Friends and Family,

  This week was another great week in the UKM! We were able to have Zone conference as well as Zone development meeting.  It was great to be able to hear from so many of our mission leaders and get our minds refocused. In both Zone conference and ZDM, President, the AP's, and the zone leaders emphasized improving our unity within the mission among companionships, districts, etc. (No issues in Lugazi because my district has become some of my best friends). We were able to talk about teaching simply and refocusing our efforts on teaching families because of the need to build the foundation for the church in Uganda. We were able to set new goals as a mission and as zones and everyone is ready to improve upon next year and help these countries progress by receiving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  We are finally getting some moisture again after a a few dry weeks.   Elder Ward and I took advantage of it last week after it began pouring in what became one of the gnarliest storms I've seen since i've been in Uganda. It didn't phase us, as we ran around the compound while Andrew yelled at us to get inside. Do missionaries still have fun? Yes, Yes they do.

  As promised, I wanted to update briefly about our teaching pool and what has been going on around here with our investigators and recent converts. Elder Dowdle have been baptizing our solid investigators lately, which has been good, however we have been having difficulty finding new families. We have been starting from scratch and have focused our efforts on that. Since we've done that, we definitely have been seeing the Lord's hand as we have seen new referrals trickle in. Right now, we are teaching Reegan, one of David's sons. I don't know if I've told you about David, but he is one of the most powerful people I have ever met and he never ceases to amaze me. He is blind but still makes an effort to come to church every week. Visiting with him every week makes my day because he has such a positive outlook on life. Elder Dowdle and I are hoping that teaching David's children will motivate his wife to begin letting us teach her so we can progress their family all together. Reegan will be baptized Sunday. We are also teaching Julius Caesar, who is a college student who is the oldest in his family. He found Elder Dowdle a few weeks ago and asked us if we could come to his home and teach him and his family because he's been looking for a church for him and his family to join. We've been teaching him, and he has been accepting all of our commitments and contributes to all lessons on Sunday. He is awesome. So far his family hasn't been too interested, but hopefully it'll change in the future. Also, Isaiah, who has become one of my best friends here, went back to the village for a family emergency. I miss him a lot, and know I may not be able to see him any time soon, but I know he will help the church grow wherever he is. 

  Yesterday, in our branch, we had  the Primary Program. It was honestly one of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission.  Being able to see how much these children have learned and see them bare their simple yet powerful testimonies. The gospel is simple and is meant to be simple, it was cool to be able to feel of the sweet spirit children bring to the church. It reminded me of home and of my days in Primary and made me so grateful to have been taught the very same things growing up. I love you all so much. 

Also, for all you who want to know, my mailing address is:
Uganda Kampala Mission
Nakawa House Ground Floor
Plot 7 Port Bell Road
P.O Box 8989
Nakawa, Kampala, Uganda
In case you wanted to drop a written note:) 

 Elder Hazen

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