Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Update~ 'I Can Make Chapatis!"

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was the long awaited Stake Missionary Fireside we coordinated with the Stake leaders of the Kampala South Stake. It was wonderful to see missionaries' efforts with the Stake leaders and it turned out to be a wonderful success. Leading up to the fireside, we had a combined zone finding activity near the stake center. 

A little background information for the experience I'm about to share...The first mission president in the Uganda Kampala Mission was President Duke. Halfway through his mission, he died in a car accident on the main road from the airport to Kampala but, his wife survived. Wednesday evening, at the end of the activity, as we were about to get into a taxi to meet up with everyone again, we heard someone behind us call, "Hey Mormons!". That's not a common thing to hear around these parts so I turned around to find a YSA guy walking behind us. I asked him, "Surely you've been to the states, where are you coming from?" He told us he had just gotten back to Uganda two days ago from Idaho. He told us he knows all about the Book of Joseph Smith and stuff like that and that his neighbor would talk to him about it all the time. He said we probably knew her and that her last name was Duke. I asked him if they lived in Uganda and he said that her husband died somewhere in Africa. We took the time to bear testimony that the things which that sister shared were true and that the misconceptions he heard about us aren't and invited him to get properly informed by coming to the fireside on Friday. Unfortunately he didn't come to the fireside or church but I know we didn't just meet the man by chance.

P-Day was great! We did something different for a chage and spent our day with our family who will be baptized next week.  The mom taught us how to make chapatis (soft layered flat bread similar to Tortillas and Naan) and we taught them how to make pancakes.  Then we took all our food and watched Meet the Mormons!

As I've shared in the past, we are focusing on teaching repentance and baptism as a Mission. Yesterday evening, we taught a sister who is a neighbor of a member in the elders' quorum presidency. It was the first time in a long time that I actually felt I was "preaching repentance".  As we shared with her how she can become clean from the poor habits she has developed and be free from the feelings of guilt she feels as a result. The re-occurring thought I'm having is how the basics of the gospel are so necessary to pass through this life unscathed by the whirlwinds and storms Satan brings. As we drove home from this lesson, Elder Moyes and I talked about how the things we teach tend to influence us as well. I have noticed personally that I am more mindful about renewing my covenants with the sacrament and my desire to continue to improve on the little things. I love this Gospel and the way it has helped me progress on my mission. I know it is true.

I love you all, 
See you in 3 weeks,

Elder Hazen

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