Sunday, July 26, 2015

Elder Hazen's Farewell

Love all these People who set up for the Farewell Openhouse

Elder Hazen's Farewell Openhouse

Grateful for Family and Friends Who Came 
Near and Far to Support RJ

Hazen Family

Hazen/Tribe Family

Hazen/Melendez Family

Hazen Family
  Sunday was one of the perfect days for me, it was Bitter Sweet.  It was RJ's Farewell.  The chapel was filled with a light, excited buzz of friends and family chatting quietly.  Madison was also asked to speak in Sacrament.  The topic she was assigned was Ordinances and Covenants.  She did a great job and tied her talk into the covenants RJ has made getting ready to serve his Mission.  At end of her talk she expressed her feelings for her brother and was over come with emotion.  It was so sweet to witness.  I'm so grateful for the relationship those two share. There was also a special musical number sung by the youngmen and leaders, "We'll Bring the World His Truth."  There wasn't a dry eye in the chapel, Rob had a hard time keeping it together.  Then it was time for RJ to speak.  I don't think I have ever been more proud of him.  He spoke about how the Book of Mormon has helped prepare him for a Mission.  He shared personal experiences and stories from his Church History Trip this past summer.  He bore his testimony and stated all the reasons why he wanted and needed to serve a Mission, it was powerful.  He is Ready!
  After Sacrament we held an Openhouse at the Cedar Hills Community Center.  Everyone was able to wish him luck and say their goodbyes.  I was overcome with emotion watching that room fill up with those offering their love and support.  I could tell RJ was overwhelmed by the outpouring support but, really enjoyed his day.  I am sad to see this day end, it just means we are getting that much closer.  It is bitter sweet!
    Bitter Sweet, I have constantly used this phrase during this chapter in the Hazen's Family life. But, I can't help it, it's the phrase that sums it up perfectly.  This past year has been full of the Bitter Sweet.  RJ being our first born had to be our guinea pig of our First and Lasts.  And believe me, as much as I have loved this year there were so many tears that accompanied our joys.  It's HARD, we don't want to let go.  And I finally believe the people who used to tell me when my kiddos were in diapers, "Cherish these moments, it goes by way too fast."  I get it, I competely understand, I wished I listened.  And I find myself now stopping people with their littles and staring them right in eye, grabbing their shoulders and shaking them and telling them, "Really listen to me, IT GOES BY WAY TOO FAST!"  
  This Weekend went by WAY TOO FAST.  I didn't want it to end because it just meant time was slipping away from me.  I wanted to be surrounded by my people forever.  Everyone came to listen to RJ speak at his Mission Farewell.  As I watched my family together I was taking mental photographs in my mind.  I didn't want to forget a thing~ my mom shopping with RJ, helping him pick out clothes for his Mission, My nieces and nephews fishing in the stream up the canyon, RJ and the girls laughing about an inside joke, eating homemade donuts and Watching Fireworks directly over our heads and not minding the sparks that every once in a while burn me for just a second, Everyone talking together squished on the couches offering a lap because of course there is room for one more.  These are the times I am reminded and my heart is comforted "You are an Eternal Family, don't worry you will be okay."   Two years in my heart can't come soon enough, It is so Bitter Sweet!

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