Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RJ is Set Apart As a Missionary

  This evening RJ was set apart this evening as a Missionary by his Father, Grandfather and President Carpenter.  His blessing was beautiful, he said RJ is going to be an Angel to the people he teaches in Africa.  He blessed him with the power of discernment and revelation.  He said RJ will have the Spirit with him to know what exactly to say to the people he teaches to help them.  He said RJ is a leader and will guide others and help them know the truth. 
  Pres. Carpenter also shared my favorite scripture, D&C 84:88 and said Angels will always be round about him to bear him up.  He told RJ Grandpa Melendez will be one of those Angels bearing him up.  It was such a special time we will never forget as a family. After the blessing we opened our home to friends and family to give their last goodbyes.  It was a bitter sweet night, RJ is going to be missed.

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