Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekly Update~ "It's Begining to Look a lot Like Christmas!"

RJ- "I'm Going to Wear a Christmas Tie Every Day This Month!"

P-Day Golf
RJ and Village Kids

Public Bathroom

Family and Friends,

This week was a pretty normal, uneventful week.  But, we did have a great turn out at church this week.  The branch is still new. We get about 60 people at church. we're still trying to grow it.  The area we serve in Lugazi is much closer to church, so we don't have to walk too far. We try to proselyte close to the church so its easier for investigators to come to church.   And we have 3 baptisms planned next week! 
 Yesterday, I got a package from my family full of Christmas decorations, Advent Calendar, Gingerbread House Kit, a Christmas Tree, Stockings and a "Twelve Days of Christmas".   We were able to decorate the house which brought the Christmas Spirit a bit more!  My district and I loved it!! My family got so many "shout-outs" on how awesome they are;) It made me so happy, i feel like its finally Christmas now!

   It's hard for it to feel like Christmas when its 80 degrees outside every day.  But, it's allowed me to try and focus on the true meaning of our celebrations this time of year. For me personally, I've been trying to find little ways to serve my companion and my district.  At my home every year during the month of December we do "Manger Elves", where we do small acts of service for each other.  I've thought about it so much these last few weeks as well as our other family's traditions. By doing things for my Companion Elder Dowlde and the District, like make his bed and do the dishes etc. helps a lot.  I miss the little things.  So, by doing small things like that it makes me still feel like part of the family, it makes me happy. 

    I just wanted to express briefly my appreciation for my companion, Elder Dowdle. Yesterday, I got sick again and I was feeling super frustrated because we had a lot of people to see last night. I didn't think we'd be able to see them. We decided that we would go on an exchange and I rested at a member's house while he and another went and taught the remaining lessons for the week. I'm grateful for him and his desire to work hard and am lucky to have the opportunity to serve with him.

I hope you are all finding opportunities to serve others in preparation for this Christmas!

 Elder Hazen

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