Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Update~ "Prayer and Fasting…Tools of Power"

Elder RJ and Timothy an Investigator's Son

New Tradition- Tuesday Pie Night!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week Elder Tesch and I had another very effective week. Last Wednesday, we had one of the best Zone Development Meetings of my mission. The focus of the meeting was building companionship unity and utilizing prayer and fasting for our benefit. Elder Robinson gave us a great training on how to improve our prayers. He told us that missionary work is easy as we pray with faith and trust in Christ to help us in the work. He told us how we need to improve on meeting the standards of excellence each week by finding seven new investigators. As we pray every morning with that goal in mind, and pray specifically that we will find at least one new investigator, or better yet, a new family, we will have no problem in accomplishing that goal. He promised that praying with real intent really does work and shared a few experiences from his time serving in Ethiopia to back it up. Every day since then, Elder Tesch and I have applied this counsel and we have found so much success in doing so. My testimony has grown not only in praying with faith, but also in fasting. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to fast for the first Sunday of the month. Elder Tesch and I obviously had our goals in mind as we opened our fast and we decided to go on splits with Emmanuel and Steven, two of our RC's. Emma and I went up to teach one of the referrals we received from Francis and followed up with her. We extended a baptism date with her last time and she accepted and found that she prayed and feels everything we had taught her was true. She also introduced us to her husband, Tom who we taught as well and he accepted the message we shared with him. After, Emma and I went to Esther, who was a referral from Andrew. She went to church for the first time yesterday so I spent some time answering some questions she had from the classes in church and taught her the Plan of Salvation which turned out really well. Elder Tesch went and contacted 3 of our street contacts, taught all of them, and set return appointments. 2 of those individuals were a husband and wife. As of now, we are currently teaching 5 families consisting of husbands wives and kids and 3 of them are progressing. The fast we had definitely played a role in the success we had yesterday and I always talk about it, but it is so neat to be able to see the Lord's hand work right before my eyes.
We were able to have a few other cool and fun experiences this week as well
  • On Friday, Elder Tesch, Andrew, and I took David to the Nile Hospital in Jinja. It was a long day full of travel and we didn't end up seeing the doctor because a bus full of 11 patients pulled into the hospital to see the eye doctor right before we got there. However, It was a wonderful experience for me because I was able to give back to a man who I love dearly and who has done so much for us and who deserves nothing but the best. Being able to walk with him holding my hand around town reminded me of when I was able to walk with my Grandpa Melendez the last few years of his life when it was more difficult for him to walk. He used to grab onto one of my shoulders and I would walk side-by-side with him at his pace until we got where we needed to go. It brought back tender memories and I was very grateful for it. President Chatfield gave us permission to take him again on Wednesday so stay tuned for that. 
    Taking David to the Hospital
  • On Thursday evening, we had dinner with the volunteers from Help International staying in Lugazi. It was super fun to be able to talk to them and hang out with them for a bit! Tanner and Cayden, both from Lone Peak are coming on exchanges with us tomorrow as well!
  • On Saturday, we had the branch Mormon Helping Hands project at the Kawolo Hospital. We had a great turnout and since I've been in Lugazi, it was the most well-organized activity I've seen so far. It was just evidence to me that this branch is growing even more and I was so proud of the leadership and everyone who participated and put forth an effort to make it possible. 
    Mormon Helping Hands
    Representing Lone Peak!

    Preperation Day Breakfast
    "I was sitting on the floor and saw this guy run under Elder Tesch's Desk,
    I ran away as fast as I could and let the other guys take care of it.
    I guess I am afraid of Rats!!!"
I love you all so much!
Love Elder Hazen

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