Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Update~"Mission Fasts, Splits and BIrthdays!"

How Many Missionaries Can You Fit In A Truck? Apparently 11
Dear Family and Friends,
This week Elder Tesch and I worked very hard and were able to teach
the most lessons in a week since we've been together as a
companionship. We are still working to find these families that can
progress together towards baptism to establish the foundation of the
young branch in Lugazi. We have a few potentials, it's just a matter
of setting that baptism date with them which we usually do in the
first lesson, but due to small complications, these people are unable
to commit to a date right away. We have that situation with three
couples right now so we're just trying to push through that! Dennis,
Bruno, and Gertrude, the siblings of Everline, are still taking
discussions but we've had to push their baptism dates back due to them
missing church this week. I have no doubts they will eventually be
baptized because we had a great discussion with them last night and
they understand everything and know everything is true.
On Tuesday, we had our mission fast which was a great experience. Like
I said last week, prayer and fasting are truly tools of power. I had
the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Ward and Tanner Call.
I was grateful for the things I was able to learn from Elder Ward and
the tips I picked up to improve my teaching skills. It was also a cool
experience to ask Tanner for his testimony in the lessons we taught
and it was fun to help him get excited for his mission.
Tanner Call with the Elders
On Wednesday, we took David to Jinja again to see if we could have
better luck in meeting with the eye doctor. Fortunately, we were able
to see him but, we were disappointed in the results we received.
David's blindness is due to optical nerve atrophy which basically
means his nerves in the back of his eyes are dead and there is no
medicine or surgery to fix it. When we got out of the office, David
asked me, "So what am I supposed to do now?" It absolutely broke my
heart. I told him that this trial is NOT a punishment from God. I told him how much God and our Savior love him. And how they are there to support him and his family and the
missionaries and the members of the branch are there to help too. I
encouraged him to pray and find peace with his situation. The times
we've visited him after he's been doing okay. I know that as he
continues to pray and gain a testimony, he will eventually come to
terms with the situation and I know he will continue to have the faith
to come to church and share the gospel with his family. I love him
and his family very much and I will be there for him as long as I am
here in Lugazi. 

Wednesday night, we celebrated my birthday with our
friends from Help International. Thanks to my wonderful mother, we
even had a cake and candles to celebrate. Also, thanks to everyone who
contributed to that video my family sent me. It made my week:)
RJ's Birthday Package From Home

This week, I was studying a lot on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like
I've said in the past, It is so simple yet so complex. I was focusing
mostly on the Atonement and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I was studying
in Alma 34 and really enjoyed verses 15-17. It basically tells us that
the mercy of Jesus Christ can apply to us only when we exercise our
faith unto repentance. If we expect ourselves to be saved only through
grace without doing our part and keeping God's commandments, then we
will be exposed to the demands of the law of justice. The sacrifice of
Jesus Christ is wonderful, and like I always say, I'm so grateful for
it. Also, I'm thankful for the Holy Ghost and the role it plays in my
life especially as a missionary. I know that as I keep doing what I'm
supposed too, follow the whisperings of the Spirit and let it guide me
where to go, what to do, and what to say, I can overcome my weaknesses
and feelings of inadequacy. We are truly nothing without God.

I love you all,
Elder Hazen

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