Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Update~ "When You Can, Do Something!"

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week, we were invited to the newly called Stake President, President Kamya's home to have FHE with his family. As we were seated in his family room, he said a few things that were interesting that took on new meaning as the week progressed. He told us a story about one of his friends who happens to be an entrepreneur and works in the medical field. About 17 years ago, he invested some money into planting 20 pine tree saplings. If you're familiar with pine trees, (I'm sure not) they take about 18 years to mature. Fast forward to last year, he was approached by a lumber manufacturer who offered him 400,000 UGSH (About 411 USD) for each tree. When talking to President Kamya, he just said, "I wish I had planted more of them!". President then explained that in life, all too often we are afraid to take action and be agents acting for ourselves because we're waiting for an opportunity to fall in our lap, an individual to walk up to us and say they want to learn more about the gospel without putting the work in, someone to knock on your door with a ring in hand ready for eternal marriage, a school to send an email offering a full-ride scholarship, or your dream company to offer a position of work. We have to take action for the things we desire and that is an eternal principle when it comes to praying to Heavenly Father and asking in faith. With that thought in mind, I was praying for Heavenly Father to help us maintain both our area and Makindye's as we were working through our three-some. As we acted while petitioning the Lord for his blessings, we saw his hand in the work. This is the key to success as a missionary and it is a simple, eternal principle. 

We went on 3 splits throughout the week and met some amazing people both through our own efforts and referrals from members. Less-active members are also beginning to come back to church. There is an overall excitement from everyone in the Nsambya ward as they are engaging in the Lord's work.

On Thursday, While on splits with Bro. Patrick, Elder Chifamba met 2 separate individuals who were both extremely prepared by the Lord.  The first was a man named Andrew. Elder Chifamba began to teach his sister, Betty, but after adamantly proclaiming to be a "Born Again" and refusing to listen, she brought in her brother, Andrew, and told them to teach him because he refuses to go to church. They began teaching the restoration and in the middle of the lesson, Andrew confessed his fear to join a denomination because he was confused about which church was to a missionaries' ears. After testifying of the reality of the restoration, Andrew committed to come to church and see if everything they shared mirrored what he saw at church. He came yesterday, and when Patrick and I went to his home to follow-up, he told us he absolutely loved the services, he felt like he found his church, and told us we were heaven sent. 

The second was a woman named Primah, who had similar concerns. As they shared with her, she told us her sister had actually just come home from fasting and was actually in her room at that very moment that they came praying to know which church to join. She loved the message of the restoration as well. 

Brother Coleman, an investigator that was in our teaching pool when I first came to the area, has now begun to progress as he has kept his Book of Mormon reading commitments. There is now an increase of accountability and he is now excited to share what he has learned with us each time we have come. During the worldwide missionary broadcast, a question was asked, "how can we know if our investigators live the gospel of Christ? A General Authority answered, and explained that there is a natural inclination towards repentance and there is a change of behavior and an increased motivation to keep other commitments. We have definitely seen that with Coleman and we are looking forward to his baptism in March. 

The area is beginning to have success, the three-some is over and Elder Randall is back in his area, we are enjoying serving in Nsambya more and more as we continue to see member participation in the work, and we are happy. Transfers are coming this week!

Love you all,
Elder Hazen
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