Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Update~ "Truly Good Without Guile"

Dear Family and Friends,
Mission Leader Conference

There is nothing I respect more than when people are "truly good without guile" as President Uchtdorf put it in one of his recent conference addresses. I've had the opportunity to serve around many such people. There is so much power in someone that has a quiet confidence, that shies from center stage, that doesn't need to make their presence known, that pushes recognition to someone else. The Savior was one of such people. In Moses 3:1-2, the difference in motives between the Savior and Satan is apparent in the "I"s and "Thy"s. I've come to realize these motives for serving are what set apart a good missionary from an incredible missionary. A few transfers ago, I had a quote written in my planner that goes like this: "If heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, if they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night, then what did motivate their climb? What did companions never feel? Was it fear or prized sublime? Did obligation feed their zeal? Each heights by great men reached above is motivated out of love." In MLC last week, Elder Grant mentioned that humility comes from understanding that as a child of God, you are no greater nor lesser than another of God's children. I struggle mightily at this. I sometimes unrighteously place myself above another because of certain gifts or talents I possess that others lack, but then to balance it out, I look at the great examples all around me and beat myself up, wishing I was more like them. It is these thoughts of self-righteousness that cause me to forget that mission or other forms of service are not about me. It's interesting to look back and see how the Lord has slowly walked me through and picked out my weaknesses one by one and given me the opportunities, people, and experiences to make them stronger. My goal these next few months is to strengthen as many peoples' faith in Christ as possible, and as a result, receive additional ordinances of salvation. Whether that be partaking of the sacrament, receive an advancement in the Priesthood, or making preparations in receiving temple blessings. As I focus more on the individual, I hope to truly lose myself in taking up my cross.
Interview with Pres. Collings
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Because sometimes birthdays make you the center of attention, I made an effort not to tell anyone. It was the best birthday ever in the full time service of my God.
RJ's Birthday

I love you all,

Elder Hazen

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