Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

To Family, Friends, and all,
Happy Thanksgiving. I wish more than anything I could be with my family preparing to eat right now, but I send all my love from Uganda.

My older cousins, Michael and Daniel, usually sent emails to read to the family on Holidays, and though I won't be able to write a powerfully-worded letter like they were always able too, I'll do my best.
Before we ate Thanksgiving dinner, one tradition both the Hazen and Melendez families had was going around the table and saying something they're thankful for. I'd like to still participate even though I'm thousands of miles away, and say just a few things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for a family who raised me in the church and taught me what's right and what's wrong from a young age. Though I mess up a lot, and make mistakes, I'm thankful to have a family who loves me and supports me in everything I do, especially while I'm out here on my mission.
I'm thankful for friends who still take the time and see how I'm doing while I'm out here. Thank you all who have taken the time to write me at all in these 4 months, your support is greatly appreciated.

I'm thankful for a Savior who suffered for all of my sins and never leaves me alone even during my loneliest times. 

I'm thankful for modern day prophets and apostles who lead and guide the church through these difficult times of the Latter-Days. Though they are older, they are inspired by the Lord and are able to do what's best for us with countless years of wisdom.

I'm so extremely grateful for the simplicity and purity of the Gospel and I know if we focus on the simple things and do the easy things like pray every day and read the Book of Mormon and strive to keep our covenants, we will be exalted in the next life.

I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon and the blessings it has brought into my life and the blessings I've seen it bring into my investigators' lives. 

I'm thankful for the role angels play into this work (Moroni 7:29-31) and I'm thankful that I have my Grandpa Melendez helping me each and every day.

Lastly, I'm thankful to be a servant to our Heavenly Father and our Savior and devote all my efforts to him this year.

As we go into this Holiday Season this year, let us remember the things that matter most. I love you all.

 Elder Hazen

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