Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Update~ "Monkeys at the Beach"

Dear Family and Friends,

This week Elder Mair had another great week. We had a transfer high in member present lessons which we were both super stoked about! We didn't have too eventful of a week aside from that, but here are some of the highlights.
During the week, Elder Mair and I made a crock pot full of white bean chilli that would've one a ward cook-off somewhere. It was super nice I had it over rice for dinner three straight nights! 
On Friday, I almost got caught in one of the gnarliest rain storms I've seen since I've been in Uganda. As we were walking to the area, with the rain cloud looming behind us, right as it began to pour, the Stake President pulled up and gave us a ride to Mama Mafabi's home. Seriously such an answer to our prayers!
As for our baptism this week, it wasn't the most normal baptism and it will probably go down as my favorite, most remembered baptism on mission. I feel like Elder Mair can recount it more adequately than I can so I'll leave you his account of it.

"And to top of my week, we had the baptism of a very wonderful investigator who has progressed  in so many ways since the time I've been here.

 The baptism was less than normal...

As we coaxed her into the baptismal pool, insuring her complete safety, she mumbled under her breath that she was afraid of water and couldn't swim...

The 18 year old who was performing the baptism (his first baptism) promised her all would be well as he lent her a hand down into the pool...

He calmly reminded her that she was going to be ok and he preceded with the Baptism.
As he tried immersing her she let out a loud cry and kicked her feet up and flailed around, searching for land...

The Boy performing the baptism let her go as he nervously saw her thrashing in the pool.
As he let her go, she went under the water, taking in a HUGE gulp.
Coughing and dripping and crying, she swore in her wrath that the Boy was never to touch her again and she was NOT going back into the water.

We informed her of what went wrong and tried explaining to her that she needed to relax and bend her knees if her baptism was to be done by immersion...

We finally talked her into getting back into the water on her condition that I, a much larger person and more capable of lifting her again, was to preform the baptism.

At length, the ordeal was over and her baptism was complete. And though she was in a frenzy in the pool, she bore a powerful testimony of her conversion and she was a good sport about her incident in the water."

She has been one of my favorite investigators so far on my mission and had such a great desire to learn. I'm so thankful she was able to make this covenant in her life even though it wasn't the easiest of experiences for her.

Today, we got to visit Entebbe beach. We got to enjoy the jungle landscape and the accompaniment of a few new friends. 

Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful week!

 Elder Hazen

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