Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Update~ "Another Transfer Down!"

Family and Friends,

Happy Transfer News Day and the beginning of another Week 1! Elder Mumba and I will be staying together for another transfer in K1 and I'm very pleased about that. We have a lot of unfinished business to take care of with the families we are teaching. And there isn't anyone I would rather be with right now to work with as we bring the blessings of this Gospel to everyone!

This week, Elder Mumba and I placed a greater focus on making our finding more meaningful so in order to do so, we have been focusing on tracting in areas where there will more likely be families living there. So far it has paid off and we were able to teach lessons to three new families. 
On Thursday morning when we were making our plans for the day, we had planned to visit Ignatius in the evening and wanted to go see him with a member to see if that could help him as we continue to try and progress him towards baptism. Right now he's just been kind of stagnant because he tells us he hasn't received and answer yet even though he tells us he knows everything we teach him is true. We decided to take a shot in the dark and see if Branch President Ronald would be able to come help is even though he is extremely busy with his job a lot of the time. To our surprise and great excitement, he texted us back in the afternoon and told us he'd be able to come with us and help. We met with him that evening and drove over to Ignatius' home together. That lesson was one of the most spiritual lessons I've been in on my mission. President Ronald has only been a member for a few years but he bore powerful testimony about his conversion story and about how this Gospel has blessed him and his family.   I think it was exactly what Ignatius needed to hear. He finally voiced some of his concerns to us about how he doesn't want to become a member of the church without his wife, who has refused to listen to us several times. After talking to him, we told him we'd continue to come sharing the Gospel and hopefully she'd feel the Spirit in the home and that the best way to help her was to be an example to her by putting into practice the things we've been teaching and see what blessings the Gospel brings to his family. The lesson strengthened my testimony on the importance of member-missionary relationships and how crucial they are to moving the work forward.

On Friday, the Rwanda Zone had their last interviews with President Chatfield. I would be the very last missionary President Chatfield would ever interview.  In my interview he gave some very wise counsel regarding leadership, and I was able to ask him a few questions. I am so thankful for the example and teacher he has been to me since I have been out. I know that many people-including myself- have been changed as a result of his and Sister Chatfield's tireless service. I will miss them both dearly. The biggest thing I got from his remarks at interviews is that we need to preach the Gospel with a will to win. Haha with my baseball background and my competitive nature, this really rang true to me. We need to open our mouths at all times and forget to be afraid and lose ourselves in the work.
Elder Hazen, President and Sis. Chatfield
Rwanda Zone with Pres. Chatfield
This morning for Pday, the Elders of the Rwanda Zone and the Gillets woke up at 4:30 in the morning, drove two hours out of Kigali and hiked Mt. Kabuye.  Enjoy the pictures!

In conclusion, I've learned a lot this transfer. I've learned that missionary work is done in companionships for a reason, and that I have a lot of flaws that I need to improve. I know that as I continue to evaluate my progress and ask myself, "Lord Is It I?" Slowly through the Atonement I can improve and my weaknesses will become strengths.

Also, Happy Father's Day to my Father and Grandfathers.   I want you to know how much I love you and let you know I was thinking about you.  Dad, I can’t thank you enough for the sacrifice you’ve made to assist me with my mission not only financially, but by preparing me throughout the years by being a good example.

I love you all,

Elder Hazen

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