Monday, June 27, 2016

"Weekly Update~ "I Shouldn't Be Alive!"

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a very busy week and I'll explain my email subject in a moment but, I first wanted to update you all on a few things. This week I was put in a Tri-panionship with Elder Packer and Elder Shumway because an Elder from my zone went home. Elder Mumba went to work with Elder Koopmans in K3 and we were instructed to work in both K1A and K1B so, as you can all imagine, we were running around town quite a bit. Each night, all 3 of us came home exhausted, but I wouldn't have the work be any other way! Some exciting things have happened as well. I have learned so much from working with Elder Packer and Elder Shumway and feel like we are becoming better missionaries each and everyday. Thank you so much for all your prayers concerning Ignatius. We visited him Saturday evening and we shared again about baptism and the Spirit in the lesson was unbelievably powerful. At the climax of the lesson we extended an baptism date for the 10th of July and he accepted! We need to discuss a few other things with him and resolve some small concerns, but I'd say it was the biggest tender mercy of the week. Nearly all the missionaries in our zone have been present for some of his lessons so we are all very excited for him and for the blessings this decision will bring to him and his family. Another one of our investigators, Jean DaMo, will be baptized this upcoming Sunday. Elder Mumba and I found him while tracting about a month and a half ago and he has really grasped onto the Gospel. He is 18 years old and we attempted to teach his parents, but they aren't quite as interested as he is. He and his friend Egide have been taking most of the lessons together. Last week when President came to town, he organized a Youth Conference on Saturday and DaMo was able to attend and he had a wonderful experience and got to build relationships with many of the youth in Kigali. Egide will be baptized on the 10th as well. Bosco is getting the Priesthood next week and Joanna has introduced us to nearly her entire family and we've been able to share about the Book of Mormon with them. 

So on Friday, Elder Packer, Shumway and I were moving to an appointment using pedal bodas. I sent a picture of me and Elder Mumba on them a few weeks back if you can't remember what those are. Anyway, as we were moving, a motorcycle was coming straight at me and my rider and wasn't moving. My rider tried to turn and get out of the way, but the motorcycle turned the same way and we collided head-on. Luckily, the motorcyle braked before we made contact, but the rider and I were knocked off the bike and I fell on top of my rider…so long story short, I'm not hurt at all, I was a little upset at first, but I started laughing and a crowd of over 15 quickly gathered and a bunch of people on the street came over and started dusting me off. After telling the motorcycle guy I was okay, I got on a new bike because my rider's bike's seat fell off and we moved on like normal. 

Last Sunday, for Priesthood hour, Joel gave a lesson from the Teachings of Howard W. Hunter Manual about True Greatness. As I listened to it, I learned what greatness really is and what it contstitutes. Those who are truly great are those who perform their callings and responsibilities in the church without complaint or fail and turn outward to bless others and bear others' burdens. I'm greatful for the Deacons, Teachers, and Priest quorum advisors, scouting leaders, etc. who have exemplified true greatness while I was growing up. I'd also like to express my gratitude to my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and most of all my own parents for being truly great as well. In the mission field, it's something I'm trying to improve on as I reach out to those around me in my district, zone, and those i'm teaching. I know that little acts of kindness a day make a great difference. 

I love you all,
Elder Hazen

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