Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Weekly Updates~ I Gave a Talk In Sacrament"

Hey everyone,
   I hope everything is going well and you're recognizing the lord's hand in your lives as the week goes on! For me, nothing too interesting happened this week. I was able to lead the area twice this week because of exchanges!  It's great because I'm capable of doing so, but it's difficult sometimes when plans don't work out and you can't accomplish what you set out to do for the day.  We had the zone leaders spend the night Wednesday night. I got the opportunity to work with Elder Rindrafifaliana from Madagascar Wednesday. (it's a mouthful I know) I was also able to work with Elder Ndolvu from Zimbabwe this week as well! 
  Our Ward reserves the second week of the month for Missionary Sunday where the Elders bless and pass the Sacrament and speak. I was the lucky one to speak.  I spoke about how Jesus Christ shows us that he loves us. I hope that the people of the ward were able to understand me because I have a thick accent.  Communication isn't too bad, I just have to talk slow! Everyone speaks English for the most part. But, I am trying to learn luganda:) 
  We are still gaining new investigators and are nearing some of our baptism dates for our progressing investigators including Charles, Dan and Mary so stay tuned for that! 
  For me, I didn't add onto the size of my Rolex this week, but I did buy a pineapple for 2000 shillings which is about a dollar and it was super nice! Tyler Thompson sent me a workout to do in the mornings and I got Elder Hart in on it... we're having fun in the UKM:)
  I love you all! For me, I'm trying to find ways every day that the lord has blessed my life and have found my life is happier as I'm doing so. I encourage you all to do the same!

 Elder Hazen

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