Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Weekly Updates~ Continuing on with the Work!"

The Famous Rolex

RJ's $1.00 Bananas

Exchanges with Elder Hart 



RJ Just Gets A Little Dirty At Times

Hey Everyone!

So, this week wasn't too eventful, we're just continuing on with the work! The district is doing well. We had two more baptisms this weekend from Elder Ndolvu and Elder Hart, the other two Elders in the Kololo district. If things keep progressing the way they have been, we should have 5 more baptisms by the end of the month! We are still teaching Dan, Charles, and Mary as well as their two daughters. We're meeting with them tonight and having family home evening with them! We also started teaching a family close to us in Naguru. The mom, Stella, is a single mom and had a bad experience with missionaries about 10 years ago. We went to her house last Monday and had a powerful lesson re-explaining the Restoration but, she didn't understand why she needed to be baptized. After explaining the priesthood, she finally understood and got really excited to be baptized next month. Her 10 year old daughter wants to be baptized as well.
My ward is strong. we have about 150 members consistently. Bishop Oketa is such a good man. He got back from his mission in 2010 from South Africa. He has a young family and is perfect for the ward. The ward members are great! The powerful ones are just a 5 mile walk away... but its worth it:)
I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Hart and it was a great day. The spirit was there in every lesson and it was neat to be able to teach and learn from someone with a different teaching style.
The food here is amazing still! This week I bought a fat bunch of bananas for a little over a dollar. I also had a 3x5 Rolex which is basically a breakfast burrito with 3 tortillas and 5 eggs. The mission record is an 11x11. I might go for a 12x12 before my 2 years are up... we'll see:). I honestly think I'm getting thicker. I'm working my butt off in the morning to make sure its muscle weight and not fat. The Lord blesses his missionaries:)
This fast Sunday a guy talked about an experience he had getting possessed by demons. I love Uganda:)

Miss you all and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hazen

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