Monday, September 28, 2015

"Weekly Update~ Transfer 1 in the Books!"

Baptism for Charles and Charles

7x7 Rolex

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all had a great week! To start things off, because people say I always talk about food in my emails, (not naming names), Id just like to announce I conquered a 7x7 Rolex this week and it was one of my finer feats of eating. My mom would be ashamed and my dad would be proud.
   I had 2 baptisms this week that I'm so excited and happy about. We didn't think we'd be able to pull it off because the font wasn't full and they were out of water in kololo, but after draining the backup tank outside using buckets and trash cans, and quickly getting the candidates in white
because we discovered the drain plug was broken, we pulled it off. The Lord works in mysterious ways! Both canidates' names were Charles and they're two of the most powerful people I know. I love them both to death. One is a Mze (term of respect for someone old) and he has had his fair amount of trials in life. He is a retired cop and is just a super selfless guy. The other Charles is Dan's brother, the one who's family we began to teach. After they were baptized, they both talked about in their testimonies how excited they are to share the gospel with their families. I can't wait to work with them as well! Charles has already brought 2 of his friends to church.
   Also, transfers were this week. I found out this morning that I'm staying and my new companion's name is Elder Mair. I'm so excited to work with him!
   I'm so grateful for Elder Oliphant, my trainer. He has taught me so many important lessons. I think the biggest thing I've learned is humility and how to listen and communicate with others. He is like a big brother to me, and when I saw him packing his stuff this morning, I got so sad. I'm going to miss my Trainer, I love him for everything he's taught me about missionary work. If I stay focused and devote everything I have to the Lord, I'm going to be okay out here. 
   Continue counting your blessings and enjoy conference this week! For me, Ill be hearing the Prophet speak in 2 weeks from a dvd broadcast from the stake center!

Elder Hazen

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