Monday, October 12, 2015

"Weekly Update~ Africa by TOTO"

Lily's Baptism

Candidate Campaining for the Election

Having a Little Fun at the Beauty Shop

"Teaching Everyone!"

Hey Everyone,
  This week was another great week! For P-day today, we got to go to a beach in Entebbe with a bunch of other zones which was super fun. About midway through the day Elder Mair and I had lunch at a member's house that he was tight with in a previous area he served in before Kololo. So, we got roasted with good food. On the taxi ride home "Africa" by Toto came on the radio which pumped me up. 
  Anyway, this week we had Zone Leader exchanges and Elder Mair and I had the opportunity to work with Elder Ruell from Manti, Utah. I love Elder Ruell because he's a fellow Bay Area sports fan. So I'm fortunate enough to have someone to talk about the Giants with.  We had a great day with him and he's a great guy.
  We also had another baptism this week for our investigator Lily! I was beginning to get nervous, because none of the members we invited to attend were showing up. We rounded up a few members who were around the church and started with the numbers we had. It was small and simple, but the spirit was so strong! I love how the Lord works for people. She's the first convert from her family and has a lot of relatives who live around. I was praying she'd have a good experience at her baptism, so she can be an example for others and lead them down the path she has begun.
  One cool thing I've noticed is that I don't even worry about what I say in the lessons nowadays. I know that if I prepare myself right in the morning, it will be easy for the spirit to work through me in my lessons and teach these people. Often times, I come out of lessons not remembering what I said.  But, I know the promise that the Lord has given us- what we say will be "given to us in the very hour we need it." 

I love you all!
Love, Elder Hazen


  1. Toto! I love it! Play it now and then to get pumped up too. He sounds great!

  2. Toto! I love it! Play it now and then to get pumped up too. He sounds great!