Monday, August 31, 2015

"Weekly Update~ Elder Hazen's First Baptism"

RJ's First Baptism~ Raymond and Dennis

Filling Up the Baptismal Font

Hey everyone!
It's crazy that I'm already a good part of the way done with this transfer and I've already been out a month! Time flies when you're having fun! Honestly haven't been home sick since the first day. It's been awesome. I haven't gone through any culture shock or anything either, I just see stuff and roll with it. Weather is unbelievable. I love it, It's just like San Diego. The humidity doesn't bother me at all. It's so green here. Mom and dad, I think you'd like the streets, it's like a farmers market everywhere you go with fresh food. Elder Oliphant my companion, is a really good guy. He's been a member since he was 13. First missionary from his family. He goes home this month, President hooked me up by putting me with him! My apartment is really nice, especially compared to the area it's in. We live right by the slums, It's kind of sad.
This Saturday I have my first two baptisms. Raymond and Dennis were two referrals from sister move Mufabi. They all live in Kisugu which is about an hour walk from my apartment, but it's so worth going there because the members are absolutely amazing. Sister Mufabi he keeps flooding us with referrals so we are constantly teaching new investigators. Her and her family are such amazing Missionaries, it makes our job so much easier! When we go to Kisugu, we usually take a missionary or two with us. They are all about 20 to 22 years old and are such powerful Missionaries. They are all preparing to put in their papers within this year or next year. I feel so blessed to have them because they know the area so well and have kind of taken me under their wing. I get along with all of them really well. The ones who work with the most are Henry, Zeffa, Julius and Bob. Raymond is going to start coming with us too because they're all pretty close friends! For the most part, I speaking English to everyone. Everyone can speak multiple languages which is nice! It all depends on where they are from in Uganda because they speak the language of their tribe and also English. Sometimes we have one of the ward missionaries translate for me.
The baptism which one of the most coolest things I've ever been a part of. I was the one who performed the baptism ordinance It was neat to see the atonement working right before my eyes because as they both came up out of the water, you could see their countenances change and see the burden of sin being literally lifted from them. I am so blessed to be in this wonderful area with such amazing people.
This week I got my first real taste of African food! I had five meals at members' houses. I mostly had posho with beans which is a super good. Posho is basically a mashed up ball of rice and when you put beans on them it gives them a really good flavor. I also had steamed sweet potatoes with this purple paste stuff that I don't remember the name of. It kind of had a peanutty flavor. It was pretty good! Don't worry about me when it comes to food because I am well fed! Usually Elder Hart and I (the Elder staying in my apartment) cook together. We've made hashbrowns and eggs (the potatoes are super cheap and nice) fried noodles, pasta, etc. The pineapple and bananas are amazing. The fruits are super cheap at the market, it's really nice. And the street food… Not the healthiest, but is too good not to eat :-) They have this thing called Rolex, which is basically a Beto's breakfast burrito on steroids...Unbelievable! I had like 4 this week.
Right now we are teaching a family between to Kisugu and the church. They're so amazing. The mom and dad are called Mary and Dan and Dan has a brother staying with them named Charles. They're all taking the discussions and are progressing well. We will probably baptize them at the end of the month.
Funny story… This morning, I was supposed to wash all my clothes. But, the member we pay to do it couldn't come until this evening. But, she asked us to soak all our white shirts. I literally put all my shirts in the wash basin forgetting that we had to be in church attire when we left the apartment for P-Day. All of our power went out this afternoon so obviously I had no way to dry any of my shirts… So currently, I am writing this email in a damp white shirt… Ha ha!

I love and miss you all, The church is true here as well as anywhere else in the world!

Elder Hazen

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