Wednesday, August 12, 2015

RJ Sightings

   We've had some great "RJ Sightings" the last couple of days!  So grateful to friends who take the time to send us updates about our boy when they see him in the MTC.  We have been waiting in such anticipation to hear anything from RJ after we dropped him off at the MTC.  The first sighting was by Elder Stephen Burraston, he said he saw RJ the day he reported to the MTC.  He said in his letter, "I saw RJ yesterday and talkded to him for a while.  He seemed kind of overwhelmed.  I just told him to get to Sunday and then it will fly by."  I emailed him to say thank you for the RJ mention in his letter and to give RJ a big hug from his mama when he sees him again.  This was the first news I had heard about him since dropping him off.  He emailed me back, "Will do Mama Hazen! He looks like a champion! He'll convert all of the Ugandites!"  My mama heart was filled with love for both those boys.

  The next day Rob was surprised with a text from Bishop and Michelle Stevenson saying they saw RJ, Rob being the sweetheart he is said to send me the text because that would make my year.  So here is what the text said,  "I was so happy to run into RJ.  It was my first time walking through the MTC with Mike.  I was so excited to see my former Seminary Student Elder Hazen eating lunch.  When he recognized us he jumped up and came over to visit.  He looked so happy and just radiating!  He said, "It's so good to see familiar faces!"  I asked to take a picture to send to you.  He said, "My mom is going to LOVE this!!" RJ was right, it put both Rob and I in tears to see our boy in a picture with the biggest smile on his face.  And the cherry on top was Michelle also sent me a recorded message from RJ in his own voice.  It said, "Hi Mom and Dad, I miss you and love you.  Tell everyone I said Hi and I'm doing really well so don't worry about me!"  What a sweet surprise.

  The last sighting was by Jeremy Rios who is a teacher at the MTC.  He's been keeping an eye out for RJ and he finally saw him yesterday.  He sent Rob this picture.  RJ has always looked up to Jeremy he has always been a good example for him to follow ever since hes was young and Jeremy used to baby sit for us.  Jeremy has always been good to RJ and even employed him at his Book Exchange business so he could earn money for his mission.

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