Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Our Missionary, RJ Reports to the Provo MTC

Last Thing RJ Wanted to do Before He Reported to the MTC
Was To Throw Ball With His Dad

RJ's Last Meal at Bam Bam's BBQ 

Spending Some time at the Provo Temple before the MTC
Elder Ben Clark was RJ's Host, 
They Are Good Friends From Lone Peak

He's Ready to Report

Last Family Picture All Together for 2 Years

Our Last Goodbye Hug, 
None of Us Want to Let Go!

And There Goes a Piece of My Heart

I know we have been preparing him from the day he was born to serve a Mission but, this is literally the hardest thing Rob and I have had to do.  Letting our boy go.  For a brief time he was entrusted to us, but now he will soon belong to the people of Africa.  We are Humbled to watch this sweet boy begin to go his own way.  It makes us proud and breaks our hearts.  So, I say to my son, "Say Yes to life, just do it, get out there and work hard and make your own memories.  Don't be afraid, don't fear the rejection that can come from putting yourself out there teaching the true Gospel.  This Mission is going to surprise you and will be worth every second, your knowledge and testimony will grow everyday.  This will make you interesting and give you so much to talk about when you return to us.  It will make your mind and heart fulfilled forever."

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